Maternity Services

Obstetrics is the specialty of looking after women and their children during pregnancy, during childbirth and following childbirth. We hope that your pregnancy runs smoothly, as most do, and you will only require our services for a short while. However, if there are complications, we're here to help.
Our clinic provides comprehensive, high quality care with the latest technology for women and their babies during pregnancy, maternity and postnatal care. You will receive personalized medical care throughout pregnancy, including your delivery and any follow-up visits. We take great pride in

Menstrual Issues

A menstrual problem is when a woman’s monthly bleeding is irregular, too light, too heavy, too painful, excessive bleeding, causing anaemia or when menses cease altogether. Menstrual problems are common; most settle over time or can be treated with simple medication.
Normally a period occurs approximately every 28 days, and is a normal part of the monthly menstrual cycle. Heavy bleeding can occur with or without other symptoms like period pain. It is a common problem that can lead to anaemia.
Abnormal, heavy and or painful periods can be caused by problems within the uterus, ovaries or hormone production.

Cancer Screening and Management

Gynecologic cancers attack a woman's reproductive organs, including the cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva.
At the clinic, we recognize time as a major factor in our patients' care and understand the fear and uncertainity a diagnosis of cancer bring. Through our specialized services and supportive care, we work with our patients to determine the course of treatment or starting a customized treatment plan, for instance, if the patient has other conditions.
We advocate a partnership approach between the patient and medical team to collectively evaluate the various treatment options and determine the most appropriate plan of care. Together, we consider the nature of the problem to be treated, the patient's general medical condition and the patient's goals and expectations.

Fertility Issues

Having a baby may seem simple for many. However, for some, the reality of conception and pregnancy is extremely complicated. There are many stages in the process where the chain of events may break down.
A problem in any one of a number of key processes can result in infertility. Male and female factors can exist in isolation or combination.
Fertility issues have been on the rise given the change in lifestyle, diet and medical complexities. According to statistics collected by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), infertility is a common problem; it affects up to 10 percent of couples.


Natural menopause may occur from 45 to 55 years of age; however, it may also occur in younger women. To us, each woman’s menopausal experience is unique and is addressed individually.

Gynecological Services

General gynecologic problems include abnormal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, loss of bladder control, pelvic disorders, and paediatric and adolescent gynecology.
Our staff is especially compassionate and skilled in examining girls and young women and in helping parents understand that gynecologic problems are not outgrown – they must be addressed and treated. Treatment and education can benefit both children and their parents.